“Better late than never” might be a cliché, but this is one situation that we’re glad Motorola has decided to follow it. The promised, long-lost, and awaited feature to literally leave your mark on your Moto X might soon be returning to MotoMaker.

The Motorola Moto X brought a promise of a smartphone made in the US and designed by you, the buyer. To some extent, however, it failed to deliver completely on that promise, making the MotoMaker customization tool available to a select few and not making available all the options promised during its unveiling. In particular, the option to engrave some text on the rear case of the device has been removed before launch, without any news when the option would return.

It seems that the feature will now be returning to MotoMaker, months after the smartphone has already been in the market. Motorola has teased this fact by posting different custom backs on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter, with each back sporting not only a different color, but also different engraved texts particular to the social network’s lingo.

When that will happen, though, is still anyone’s guess. Maybe it will coincide with the expected launch of MotoMaker on Verizon this Monday. That said, while this is welcome news for those who are interested in purchasing a Moto X, there will probably be a number of those who already own a MotoMaker-designed piece that will feel a little bit disappointed, if not cheated.

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