This should probably come as no shock anymore to would-be Motorola Moto X buyers with fashionable aspirations. It seems that those holding out for the almost mythical wood backs for Motorola‘s flagship might have to hold out a bit longer, probably up to the end of the year.

News of a wood back covers for the highly cutomizable Moto X first came out shortly after the smartphone launched with sightings of some units sporting such a unique design. A later analysis of the Motorola website indeed pointed to Teak, Bamboo, Ebony, and Rosewood as available options from the Moto Maker customization tool. Unfortunately, that particular feature has not yet arrived.

One other customization option, engraving on back covers, was also promised, delayed, and then, lately, teased, giving hope that the wood backs would soon finally making an appearance. But while engraving has indeed finally landed, the sighted wooden covers are still nowhere to be seen. It was then hoped that Thanksgiving would be an opportune time to let loose such a feature, but with just a day or so left, it seems highly unlikely.

A Reuters reporter now claims that the wood backs will indeed miss out on this week’s celebrations but will possibly come in time for the holidays next month. No news on whether prices have changed or if it will still cost an additional $50 on top. It does make us wonder, though, how many are actually still waiting for this wood back offering to arrive before finally purchasing a Motorola Moto X.

VIA: Droid Life