Some people would willing pay the price for some additional functionality or even some added elegance. That might literally be the case for users who will be opting for a wooden back for their brand new Motorola Moto X smartphone.

When Motorola launched its latest flagship early this month, there have been sightings of units that sported unique wood backs. Thanks to the Moto Maker tool, which allows buyers to customize their Moto X prior to purchase with a choice of different front and back covers, that might entirely be possible soon. However, it will not entirely be free of charge like the rest of the service.

An analysis of the Motorola web site revealed several choices of wood backs, as well as the cost. It seems that wood backs will come in four variants: Teak, Bamboo, Ebony, and Rosewood. The same source indicates that choosing any of these styles will cost the buyer an addition $50. As the on-contract price for a 16 GB model is $199, a wood back will end up costing $249. On the other hand, the off-contract price for a 16 GB unit will be bumped from $579 to $629.

It’s still unknown how Motorola will go about charging for the alternative design since the Moto Maker service is offered free of charge. It’s also still too early to comment on the options or the prices as they are not yet available and could still change, or even be removed, until they are launched.

VIA: Droid Life