Some brand new photos of the Motorola Droid Bionic were leaked today and we are finally seeing real images of the rear of the device rather than just leaked renders or press shots. Recently Amazon gave us some good views but these shots are hands-on images. Now we get to see what some of you may actually be buying in another month or so.

While this device has leaked time and time again here is some more photos and specs. We even saw the back of the device in these leaked pictures looking different from what we see now, it appears the overall design has underwent at least 3 huge changes or more especially regarding the rear of the device.

These new photos you can see the hump on the rear starts much sooner than the Droid X and rather than be a steep incline this is more gradual and smooth. I like the design change and think it will feel better in the hands with this style versus the last. They had to make room for a fat battery, that 8MP camera as well as 4G LTE so we wont complain about the hump too much.

In cased you missed the latest news, we wont be seeing the Droid Bionic on store shelves til sometime in September. We have good reason to believe it will be September 8th to be specific. Stay tuned as I’m sure more will be coming over the next few weeks as the launch date approaches.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. OMG…..  spare me the excitement.  They’ve also re-designed the hole in the road on my way to work– which is ten times squared more interesting that these changes to the back of the droid.  Oh, excuse me for not writing more on this important matter! 


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