We have seen countless leaks and faked information regarding the Droid Bionic but it appears we finally have some solid information, but sadly it’s bad news. Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha in an earnings call today confirmed the sad news that the Droid Bionic will not be released on August 4th like previous leaks suggested.

More and more news lately has suggested an August 4th launch and we even have a landing page by Verizon showing the Bionic coming this summer. Technically September is still summer and now it seems the device will be launching sometime early September, possibly the 1st.

The original August 4th leak was quickly followed by a flyer from Best Buy trying to add to the hype of this new phone but apparently none of them know anything more than the rest of us, and that is nothing. Today thanks to Sanjay, we now know that the Motorola Droid Bionic will not be launching on the 4th, or the 7th of August and instead we will be seeing it sometime early September.

I have a feeling it will leak a few more times between now and then so keep your eyes out.

[via Droid-Life]


  1. Now think about this, Samsung Galaxy S II is being released on Verizon possibly on August 12th but definitely before then end of August.  If the Galaxy S II device is 4G, then the Motorola Bionic might as well be put to permanent rest.  The Samsung Galaxy S II device feature 1.2GHz per core dual core which ends up translating to the Galaxy will be 400 MHz (both cores total) faster than the 1.0GHz per core Bionic.  Every other feature including the camera front and rear appear to be the same for both phones.  For the people who have been waiting patiently I can’t possibly imagine anyone waiting for the Bionic which will have less specs than a phone that will be released before it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m an OG Droid owner and Droid Bionic is something I’ve wanted since it was revealed in January of this year.  But seriously enough is enough!  Now I can understand if Motorola says that the Bionic will feature a 13MP camera with 720P screen.  Then I would most definitely stay with the Droid Bionic and wait for it to be released.  But unfortunately the Droid Bionic will be releasing a less powerful 1.0GHz dual core in contrast to 1.2GHz dual core found on the Samsung Galaxy S II device.  I have absolutely no idea what has taken Motorola so long to put a phone out on the market???  Either the leadership is incompetent or their Engineers are ignorant, and their extremely poor marketing of keeping everything so secret is to blame?  Hard to say or maybe a combination of inept dealings at Moto has caused such and egregious and unacceptable delay.  So I say to Motorola keep your secrets and keep your phone!  Samsung Galaxy S II if 4G will be the flagship phone not the Bionic.

  2. Apparently moto has been designing and making their own LTE chip for their devices ,that’s why the bionic is coming in September and the xoom will.finally get LTE in September. Atleast that’s what I’ve read… Sounds likely though

  3. To late for DROID bionic i’ been with motorola since the first droid but if the galaxy gets here first i’m going for it regardless of 4g it doesn’t matter if it only has 3g it will still be a competitive device

  4. To late for DROID bionic i’ been with motorola since the first droid but if the galaxy gets here first i’m going for it regardless of 4g it doesn’t matter if it only has 3g it will still be a competitive device

  5. The problem is that a month or two after they release the Droid Bionic they are said to release the “Dinara” which has better specs.  That’s a pretty sneaky game they are playing.  Why get 1.0 GHz dual core when the Samsung Galaxy S II has been out for over 4 months with a 1.2GHz dual core?  It doesn’t make sense to release a phone whose specs are a total of 400 MHz slower than a phone released 4 months ago.  It’s called regression of technology.  When all companies are putting out faster processors (to compete with Samsung and Iphone), Motorola in the infinite wisdom is tossing us old technology (compared to Samsung Galaxy S II) that is…  Hardware specs aside, the incessant delays and lack of information give Moto the image of being inept and incompetent.  I am an original Droid owner, and was a huge fan of the Bionic, but now it seems like Moto is playing us for fools.  Release an inferior phone and then a month or two later release a phone that will be able to compete (hardware wise) with the likes of Samsung Galaxy SII, HTC Vigor and Iphone 5.  Droid Bionic will be old news a month after you buy it.  How’s that for a great product, and deceitful practices.  If Motorola was serious, they would release the Bionic with the specs of “Dinara” not “Targa”.  “Targa” 5 months ago was leading edge.  Now it’s stale!


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