Motorola seems to have been doing a fine job of keeping people talking about the Moto X smartphone. The official launch event is scheduled for tomorrow, August 1st, and it looks like they are going to continue the teasing right up until that kicks off. We have seen more than a few Moto X related teasers coming from the Motorola Twitter account and today appears to be no different.

A bit earlier in the day we saw yet another image posted, this one can be seen above and is inviting users to “join the conversation” by using the #MeetMotoX hashtag. Looking back and some of the other Motorola teasing included goodies such as the handset being shown in lime green and the look inside the Texas assembly plant. Motorola also did a bit of teasing about the camera.

That seems to have been dealing with the speed of the camera. They didn’t include much in the way of specifics, however they did post an image of a blurry child with text talking about how “either this kid is really fast, or today’s phones are really slow.” The interesting part about that teasing is how it was followed up with some camera related leaks.

Though still rumor, the Moto X is said to be arriving with a “Clear Pixel” camera. The camera is said to be 10MP with a pixel size of 1.4 microns. Following that up we also saw the camera app leak. Aside from the camera we have seen some other spec related rumors, however it seems as if the focus will be more on the user experience as opposed to specs.


Then again, it seems like we may be overflowing with buzz words. In addition to the Clear Pixel camera there was also talk of the Moto Magic Glass which was described as being a single sheet of Gorilla Glass that wraps around the front edges of the device.

The key here, while the rumors and teasing have been persistant — the one bit that is confirmed is that Motorola has the event scheduled for August 1st — as in tomorrow. As we have mentioned before, we will be live on-site to bring the latest in confirmed details as they come available. Until then, it seems we still have some time for a few last minute rumors though.