The Samsung Galaxy S8‘s announcement is near. We’ve crossed out the MWC 2017 launch but we were told the South Korean tech giant may be showing off or teasing the smartphone in Barcelona. We’re almost certain about the late March or early April unveiling but from today until D-Day, we’re expecting more leaks and rumors will spread. Actually, we’ve filled up several pages already on the subject.

Just over the weekend, protective cases were spotted. We also learned that Samsung has turned to a Japanese supplier for the battery. We’ve also seen the schematics of the phone. OnLeaks posted some more, giving us an idea that the phone will have a slightly bigger camera bump:

These are only illustrations but here is another set that is perhaps the closest we have to the real thing:

According to Steve Hemmerstoffer (OnLeaks’ real name), the Samsung Galaxy S8 is a “Damn Sexy Beast”. We’ve heard that description many times already. We believe it based on experience but honestly, we have reservations now about the smartphone especially after the Note 7 fiasco.

We know Samsung is doing everything to ensure what happened will not be a problem in the future. There’s the new battery supplier and theĀ new safety measures as part of the quality assurance protocol.

So far, we know Samsung will launch two variants: the standard Galaxy S8 and the bigger Galaxy S8 Plus. The phone is also believed to have a 5.7- or 5.8-inch screen and 6.1- or 6.2-inch screen, dual-edge curved Super AMOLED displays, USB Type-C port, iris scanner, rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, 3.5mm headphone jack, dual-camera setups, and the Bixby AI assistant.

More images below:

VIA: OnLeaks, Gear