The Galaxy Note 7 fiasco is over. The official results of a series of investigations were published by Samsung last month. There may still be ties to close but we know the South Korean tech giant is serious in ensuring the safety of the consumers. The battery suppliers were at fault and so Samsung is set to improve quality assurance protocols with new safety measures. Because of this move, Samsung is delaying the launch from MWC in February to probably late March or April.

Samsung is becoming more careful this time because it needs to gain back the trust of the people. Since it identified that the battery sources were at fault, the company is now said to change suppliers. We don’t think there will be two but Samsung is believed to be turning to a Japanese manufacturer.

The Galaxy S8 is expected to be the first beneficiary of the new Japanese supplier. Even if the Note 7 was the only model with numerous reported overheating and explosions, Samsung wants its future devices to be safe. The information about the Japanese manufacturer was reported on Korean news site Han Kyung.

Murata Manufacturing Company is believed to be tapped for the Galaxy S8 and will be an alterative to Samsung SDI. Nothing is certain yet but we’ll take this as a good rumor to hold on to. We’re not sure about Samsung SDI now because it was one of the two suppliers that was called out for its flaws.

Let’s wait and see for the Galaxy S8’s official launch to find out who will be Samsung’s newest battery supplier and if it will still use Samsung SDI’s.