Pokemon Masters

There is such a thing as the Pokemon 2019 Press Conference. It’s actually over now but we’ve got some great news for you straight from Japan. For hardcore fans of Pokemon, the Pokemon Go isn’t enough. It’s just one of the many adventures one can play. More mobile experiences can be enjoyed starting with Detective Pikachu on Nintendo Switch, Pokemon HOME, Pokemon Masters, Pokemon SLEEP, and Pokemon Shirts. The Pokemon team has been hard at work and we don’t think they’re stopping anytime soon.

Pokemon HOME is a place for all Pokemon enthusiasts. Trainers can be together at HOME. It’s a cloud service app that brings people together to share their adventures. Right at Pokemon HOME, players can connect with one another. Whether you’re into Pokemon Bank, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, or Let’s Go, Pikachu!, you can connect with other people over on cloud. Even those into Pokemon GO, Pokémon Shield games, and Pokemon Sword can stay right at “HOME”.

If you’re a Trainer, you can manage all your Pokemon from one place even across different games. Feel free to trade with friends.

Pokemon HOME isn’t available for the public yet. It is set to launch in 2020 on Nintendo Switch, Android devices, and iOS gadgets.

The new Detective Pikachu will be available on the Nintendo Switch. It follows the original Detective Pikachu game played on the Nintendo 3DS. If you’re familiar with that one, the new game will continue and conclude the first game. There is not much information provided but we know more details will be shared soon.

Pokemon MASTERS is a new game that features new battling on the go. It’s just another mobile game that doesn’t require much but you can meet many famous Pokémon Trainers from before. The game will launch next month.

Pokemon SLEEP can track your time sleeping. It also works by sending your data to your phone via Bluetooth with the help of the Pokemon GO Plus. It’s a special accessory released in 2016. It supports a number of Pokemon GO experiences from showing of capture location and usage. Wake up with Pokemon every single day and let the app track your sleep when it launches for phones next year.

And more good news, Pokemon Shirts will be available soon. You can have the clothes made for you. It features the first 151 Pokémon. Aside from Japan, Europe and the US will receive the same.