A lot of people are still enjoying playing Pokemon GO, Niantic’s new hit augmented reality (AR) game, the way it is naturally played – with smartphones out and walking about. But the upcoming Pokemon GO Plus accessory should change all that. But a bit of bad news, the ship date of the accessory has been delayed to September from the original July schedule.


The Pokemon GO Plus is supposed to be the cool accessory that goes with the cool game. Shaped like a pokeball and wearable either as a clip-on or a wristband, you can pair the accessory with your smartphone and use the device within the game. It allows you to catch wild Pokemon with just the press of a button, be alerted to in-game notifications, and collect game items without even opening up your phone screen.


With the profit hullaballoo that is engulfing Nintendo now, the Pokemon GO Plus accessory was their chance to get some real money from the game. Since the app was designed by Niantic, all the profit from that will mostly go to the AR gaming outfit. The accessory, however, is made and sold directly by Nintendo.

So it looks like we’re going to have to wait until September to actually see the Pokemon GO Plus accessory in action. It’s no big loss for the game or for the players, but for Nintendo, it’s an actual setback.

SOURCE: @NintendoEurope