Microsoft Surface Duo International Availability

Microsoft’s Surface Duo may not be the best hybrid phone-tablet we know today but it certainly one of the more intriguing devices introduced in 2020. The software giant first released the product in the United States and was promised to be available in other markets. Earlier this week, we mentioned its prices are now discounted on Amazon and Best Buy. Other key markets will get the Surface Duo and it seems to be happening very soon.

International availability will happen in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, and France. Microsoft will be launching the product internationally starting February 18 in the regions and countries mentioned. Pricing in Canada and France is unknown but in Germany, the Surface Duo will be €1,549 ($1,878). In the UK, it will be £1,349 ($1,862). You can buy the Surface Duo in Canada via Best Buy Canada,, and several authorized Surface resellers.

This will be the first time Microsoft will be releasing the Surface Duo outside the United States. Microsoft was thought to be gauging first how the Surface Duo will fare in the US. But looking at the international prices, it seems Microsoft isn’t slapping a discount, at least, not yet.

Surface Duo Pricing

In the US, the 128GB Microsoft Surface Duo is now $999.99. The 256GB version is at $1,099.99–thanks to the $400 discount. It’s not clear if this is a permanent price cut or just a promo. But if you’ve been eyeing the Surface Duo, now is the best time to purchase.

The $999 starting price is not bad but then again, please manage your expectations. Read on reviews to see if the Microsoft Surface Duo is for you. It’s still a great tool for productivity, that is, if you can go past the battery swelling issue and plastic frame cracking.


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