LG Wing Camera

The LG Wing is perhaps one of the most innovative smartphones available in the market today. It may not have the most premium specs and features compared to other premium flagships but its design is one-of-a-kind. The Swivel design is unique that we first thought it would remain as a concept. It was leaked with a T-shaped display earlier this year and then shown off in several demo videos before the official launch. The Wing turned out to be a smaller, secondary display that can be used for gaming, navigation, and mobile photography.

The LG Wing has officially launched a month ago. It is the first Explorer Project device. It boasts a dual-display swivel design. We already saw the Portrait, Swivel, Horizontal and Vertical modes as shown off and that gimbal motion camera. Now we’ve got more information about what the LG Wing can do further.

According to LG, there are three ways the phone can make the mobile user experience better. First, it offers an immersive mobile viewing experience with either the Basic Mode or the Swivel Mode. Both the 3.9-inch Second Screen and the main 6.8-inch screen with FHD+ resolution and 20.5:9 aspect ratio allow for a more uninterrupted content enjoyment.

LG Wing Basic Mode Swivel Mode

In Swivel Mode, the smaller second screen turns into a Media Controller. You can use it when watching or when playing games.

The LG WING also offers next-level multitasking. It can run two apps at the same time so you can do more. You can be more productive as more information can show on each screen. Watch YouTube on one screen and then leave comments or chat with friends on the secondary display. You can also access GPS on the bigger display and then receive a call on the other.

LG Wing Instant Gimbal Camera

Content creators will be happy with the LG Wing. They can take advantage of the Gimbal Motion Camera in Swivel Mode. This special feature comes with six motion sensors to allow smoother and steadier capture of photos and videos.

It’s like a real gimbal that acts as a joystick for controlling the angle. The phone offers a Gimbal Mode and Dual Recording. There is a First Person View (FPV) Mode for action type shots. Follow Mode lets the phone camera follow your movements smoothly.