LG won’t introduce a foldable phone anytime soon. It has a different idea on its own by adding another display to a smartphone. We’ve seen the LG Dual Screen idea and in the coming days, we’ll get to see more of this LG Wing. It’s a concept phone that was first introduced back in May. It was presented with a T-shaped display. It was then shown off as a phone with a smaller and secondary display being used in driving, navigation, music playback controls, inbound calls, and then for gaming.

We’ve seen the LG Wing phone with a secondary screen in action and told you what we know so far. It is one unique design and we’ve very much curious if this one will sell. The LG Wing is a new design. Nextpit describes it as radical. It’s not as complicated as presented in a new set of leaked images.

The LG Wing is seen with UI elements and design. The images were from the LG Mobile Developers portal. The source refers to the device as a ‘new form-factor high-end smartphone’. To access the secondary display, you only need to swivel the main screen.

The additional display is smaller but it is mainly for multitasking–so users can do more tasks at once. Its screen ratio is only 1.15:1 and is about half the size of the main display of the phone. It can enable the One App Extension Mode so you view other functions of on app on two screens if you want.

We can imagine the secondary display being used during editing videos, taking photos, or even watching YouTube when you have to answer a text or email on the main 6.8-inch screen. There is also the possibility of transferring data or results between the two screens and onto documents. Check out the possible UI elements: Portrait mode, Swivel mode with second screen, Basic App and Expandable App UI, App Opening Behavior, and other app modes (Swivel, Horizontal and Vertical).

LG Wing Livestream will happen later, September 14, 2020. It’s been confirmed as the first LG Explorer Project device so let’s wait and see.