The LG V20 is the other South Korean tech giant’s latest premium flagship smartphone offering. This non-modular device is the company’s more mature models as the first Android Nougat-powered phone. It was released way ahead of the Pixel phones. It was made available in the United States this quarter by several carriers and has already survived a durability test.

We noted how it is the LG V20’s time to shine in a review after selling 200,000 units in the US in its first ten days. It’s a great phone and even LG is allowing official unlocking of a bootloader, at least, in the US only.

DxOMobile managed to do a comprehensive review of the LG V20. The smartphone scored an impressive overall DxOMark Mobile score of 85–making it a great new device for mobile photography. It’s comparable to the LG G5 by placing just behind it and with only one point difference.

Photo Mobile Score is 86 while Video Mobile Score is only 82. It scored high in still photography because of its very good detail preservation in bright light, good target exposure, and good noise reduction especially in low-light conditions. Extreme low light results to bright exposures. Autofocus is fast and accurate that you can even see pleasant and vivid color in bright light. The Video Mobile Score is 82 but it already boasts of good target exposure, noise reduction, detail preservation, and motion reduction.

There are some disadvantages to both Photo and Video features like the highlights being over exposed in high-contrast scenes, occasional failures visible in bright light and some focus irregularities. When shooting outdoor scenes, you may notice a slight pink. For videos, you will notice some motion blur, slow autofocus, slight autofocus oscillations, and inconsistencies in sharpness across the field.