We have just seen a render of what appears to be the LG Optimus Slider and we don’t know much about it yet although it just hit the FCC. This slider could feature a QWERTY keyboard but it also might be the dual-screen LG Slider we saw here just without the T-Mobile radios.

Known by the model number LS700, the Optimus Slider is a CDMA/EvDO Android smartphone and was found in the FCC by our friends over at Wireless Goodness. We have seen a lot of LG in the news the past few days with the LG Thrill for AT&T, an LG 4G LTE for MetroPCS, and even a Blackberry looking Optimus Pro.

LG looks to be hitting the Android world hard and are covering just about all the bases from hardware keyboards, 4G LTE phones, and even sliders like mentioned above. We have seen an increasing amount of news regarding an LG Slider, and now this FCC filing makes things pretty clear. We don’t know much else regarding the Optimus Slider but we will report anything we hear for those interested.

[via Wireless Goodness]