The release of the AT&T LG Thrill 4G is getting closer and closer. It was recently officially announced back in June but today we are here in NYC at the AT&T event to get some live hands-on video for you guys. You might have already heard of it because the Thrill 4G is actually known as the Optimus 3D outside of the U.S. and we recently reviewed it.

The Optimus 3D (aka LG Thrill 4G) is an impressive device, You’ve got a 4.3-inch 480×800 res display, 1 Ghz dual-core TI OMAP 4430 processor, Android 2.2, and a pair of 5MP cameras on the back. We expect it will get Gingerbread shortly but for now 2.2 will do. It also features glasses-free 3D on that 4.3″ display and that is the headliner here. You can record or playback videos and pictures, and play games all in 3D with no glasses. Without getting into this too much here is the video below:

LG Thrill 4G Hands-on
[vms e17828440030074d15e7]

Watching the video it is pretty hard to make out the 3D because the cameras don’t capture it all that well but the feature sure is neat and looks pretty great for being glasses-free. The technology being used is the same as the EVO 3D we recently reviewed, and the 3D effect is very similar on both devices. Our friends at SlashGear even compared the two and you can see that by clicking here.

Sadly here at the AT&T event they still did not announce a street date, nor a price for the LG Thrill 4G but we expect to be hearing more details very, very soon. Some recent leaks suggest that the Thrill 4G will launch in July but we still don’t have an official date so stay tuned for more information.