LG 3D Arc Design April 9 2020

LG needs to do a major revamp if it wants to remain in the smartphone business. Not that LG isn’t capable of coming up with the best phones but the company needs help in promo and marketing. Sales haven’t been up to the mark but LG isn’t stopping. It won’t anytime soon but it needs to make major changes. Recently, we noted the LG G series Android phone may be no more as more budget devices are on the horizon.

Only  LG V60 ThinQ phone was introduced during the first quarter. A new LG G may be moved to a mid-range category. We can probably look forward to that LG Chocolate series. It could be revived with a 5G phone launching on May 15. Don’t expect a premium flagship LG G9 ThinQ as it could just be a mid-range phone offering.

LG Innotek may have shut down a factory because of virus cases last month but there is no stopping the business. LG may even go on with the use of ‘Cloud Top’ to make phones into PCs but we’re looking forward to that new minimalistic design language.

The new design by LG shows a ‘raindrop’ camera, as well as, front-back symmetrical curves. LG. We’re not sure which LG phone will implement the design first that will remind us of falling raindrops. The phone in the image shows three rear cameras and an LED flash in different sizes–in descending order.

The main camera appears bigger followed by two smaller shooters. The LED flash is the smallest circle. The design appears sleeker and cleaner. There is also the 3D Arc Design that is obvious on the edges of the display. They are symmetrically curved with the rear to give off a more natural look and feel especially in the hand. Expect less sharp edges and angles for a better touch and feel.

LG Mobile Communications Design Lab’s Head and VP Cha Yong-duk shared: “Our upcoming smartphone will draw on the rich history of classic LG designs which have always been distinctive at first touch. This handset will be a first-look at the competitive edge we will be bringing to every LG smartphone going forward.”

We’re looking forward to this new design that we believe will capture the attention of many mobile consumers. We just hope LG will not just focus on the design but also on the specs and features. Let’s wait and see.


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