It seems that LG is read to take its rivalry with Samsung to the next level. In a video that was meant to solely advertise the features of the LG G3 Beat, people watching took more notice of the end of the video, which revealed a trio of G3 branded smartphones, the very last of which is something no one had any inkling of until today: a stylus-toting LG G3 Stylus.

Quite an apt name and one that immediately speaks to the device’s purpose. This never before heard of smartphone was shown to sport a stylus that could be plucked out of the top edge of the device. Quite an unconventional design in this day and age, where styluses are often regarded as relics of the past. However, it isn’t exactly new and there has been one stalwart of the fine-tipped accessory, LG’s forever rival, Samsung.


Of course, Samsung doesn’t have any monopoly on the stylus design, which has been in existence since the time of Palm. It is, however, probably the only one that insistently champions the digital writing instrument. In fact, the manufacturer is set to unveil the next generation Galaxy Note 4 at IFA next month. The stylus still has its following and its advantages, as seen by innumerable designs available in the market. But it will take more than a simple “me too” for LG’s own take to be noticeable.

Samsung’s stylus implementation uses digitizers licensed from Wacom, so LG might be going with other makers like N-Trig, also found in Sony’s and now Microsoft’s tablets, or completely different tech like Qualcomm’s ultrasound pen or NVIDIA’s DirectStylus. Or it could actually have been working on something on its own, though a little less likely. The original video has, unsurprisingly, been pulled down but has fortunately been mirrored a number of times already. And it’s probably not because of the G3 Beat.

Based on previous speculation plus snooping around the LG website’s UA Profile, a certain LG D693n believed to be the G3 Stylus bears a resolution of 960×540. In other words, qHD. Based on the video, it seems that is it as big or even bigger than the LG G3 itself. If so, the device might actually be a variant or modeled after the recently announced Verizon LG G Vista, which sports a 5.7-inch qHD display. Not exactly encouraging.

VIA: SlashGear, My LG Phones