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CyanogenMod officially comes to LG G3 S, G3 Beat, G2 Mini, Optimus L70

If you own any of these devices, then you’re getting a Christmas gift: the LG G3 S, G3 Beat, G2 Mini, Optimus L70 will...

AT&T to start selling LG G3 Vigor on Sept. 26

AT&T recently announced that it would be carrying the LG G3 Vigor, a kind of step down version of the Korean manufacturer’s flagship device...

Mid-range LG G3 Vigor now carried by AT&T

AT&T customers can now opt for a more affordable version of the LG G3 flagship device. The new LG G3 Vigor, fresh from being...

LG G3 Stylus accidentally revealed in G3 Beat ad

It seems that LG is read to take its rivalry with Samsung to the next level. In a video that was meant to solely...

LG G3 Beat isn’t a mini but a mid-tier budget G3

LG has finally announced the LG G3 Beat and in doing so has finally resolved the mystery of its size. The reason why the...

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