LG has been reported to release a foldable phone. As early as July, we learned such is in the works as a patent application surfaced. We also noted LG may make an announcement ahead of Samsung and our belief was further strengthened when the company registered foldable-flexible names for a trademark in Europe. Five brand names were filed–all possibly related to upcoming foldable phones. Because of all these information, we’ve been anticipating for 2019 as truly foldable phones will be announced.

Samsung will start with its foldable phone but rumor has it Huawei will make theirs public earlier. As for LG, a recent report tells us the OEM may no longer go on with the plan of making a CES announcement.

Master Leakster Evan Blass just tweeted the bad news: “The likelihood of LG showing that foldable at CES has plummeted, I’m hearing.”

But wait. Don’t panic yet. Blass was only referring to presenting the foldable phone at the upcoming CES tech event. It doesn’t mean the plans are totally done. We’re still looking forward to an LG flexible-foldable device.

Too many details and images have been leaked already we doubt LG will completely scrap the plans. It has worked so hard on illustrations, patents, and trademarks the past months we don’t want them to just go to waste. Let’s wait and see.


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