Lenovo remains in the business. It may not be aggressive in the mobile business but it has the Motorola brand for that. When it comes to notebooks and computers, it is still flourishing although we don’t have the numbers. Another area where Lenovo is excelling is in virtual reality as the company offers a successful VR headset line that we first learned about in late 2017. The VR accessory was then introduced in early 2018 as a standalone VR kit. It was intended to be an educational tool and aimed to be delivered to and used in the classrooms.

Lenovo’s Mirage Solo VR headset and VR camera were made available for everyone. It soon worked with Google’s Daydream. Several games have also been developed to work on the VR headset like Marvel Dimension of Heroes and Star Wars: Jedi Challenges.

After the success of the Mirage Solo VR headset, the company is now offering the Lenovo VR Classroom 2. It’s an improved version of the Lenovo VR Classroom kit and is now Android-based. This one is targeted for K-12 students and teachers who want a more immersive education for everyone.

With virtual reality, students can visualize better their lessons. Teachers benefit from VR videos because then can easily help students understand new things. This new Lenovo VR Classroom 2 set is made ideal for device management, sharing content, a combination of hardware, training, and support.

The Lenovo VR Classroom 2 is easy to use and manage. There is the ThinkReality platform and LanSchool Air software that helps teachers to manage and control classroom devices even when remotely. For the students, they can explore new stuff from STEM to virtual tours, plus career exploration.

The new kit includes the latest Lenovo Mirage VR S3 and a wireless controller. It comes with a Bretford & SKB cart and case. When it comes to mobile device management, it uses the Lenovo ThinkReality and LANSCHOOL AIR as IT admin and teacher MDM platforms.


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