There are so many things you can squeeze and HTC wants to prove that the squeezing action is common and natural. You squeeze different objects everyday from fruits to biceps to your loved one’s hand. The Taiwanese tech giant recently published a video with a lot of squeezing action before the Save-The-Date information are shown. HTC is scheduled to launch the new HTC U phone on May 16, 2017 at 2PM in Taipei which is 7AM in London and 2AM in New York.

We’re guessing this HTC U is the same HTC U11 we saw last week or the HTC U Ocean that could probably not include a 3.5mm headphone jack. We’ve seen the specs and features on early renders and now we’re closer to the offical product launch.

Watching this teaser video below will make you grab anything to squeeze:

There’s a lemon, harmburger bun, dog’s chew toy, bubble wrap, bath sponge, orange, scissors, honey, shampoo bottle, trumper, hand gripper, avocado, water gun, biceps, clay, squeeze ball, hand drill, kiwi, mum’s finger, apple mango, puncher, stapler, perfume, teddy bear, catsup, mustard, bike’s brake, and hands. Phew! We looked carefully into the video but even without enumerating them all here, we believe HTC that the next device will have squeezable edges. HTC says it’s natural and so it is bringing the action to the smartphone.


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