It hasn’t been a month yet since Google officially released the Android O Developer Preview but we’ve heard quite a few related news already. We were reminded that it is exclusive for the real Developers only so if you’re not one, don’t push it. We learned that Google partnered with Sony to bring Hi-Res audio technology to Android O. We also just found out that in Android O, SDCardFS will replace FUSE.

Most of the possible Android O features we listed were confirmed while more apps are being updated to include the new OS including 1Password and LastPass. As for what devices will be upgraded to Android O, we don’t have any idea yet except for this Huawei Mate 9.

Some XDA member shared with the developer community that the Taiwanese tech giant already began internal testing for the smartphone. Except for the Pixel and Nexus devices being tested for the next Android version, this Huawei Mate 9 is the first model we’ve heard to be gearing up for the next dessert.

We don’t doubt there is truth to this but Huawei appears to be eager as the EMUI has been sighted to be updated for Android O already. We only have the image as shared in XDA.

Details are scarce but the build is said to be pre-rooted but with non-working WiFi and Google Play Store. We’re assuming this is incomplete but it doesn’t matter at this point. There’s still more work to be done. We’re just glad that Huawei has begun working on Android O even only internally. Expect to hear related rumors in the coming weeks not only from Huawei but also from other OEMs.

VIA: XDA Developers