Huawei China not spying Trump

Huawei is on its way to the top but not without a big fight. It’s currently the No. 2 mobile brand after Samsung. It has overtaken Apple in the global market–that, despite the fact, Huawei is being banned in the United States. Sure, Honor phones are sold in the country but the main Huawei brand can’t get in because of numerous attempts by different government agencies and officials to block its entry. To be honest, Huawei is not bothered by pseudo-ban in US. It still doesn’t care as the company was able to ship 200 million smartphones in last year.

The global mobile market may have seen a decline in 2018 but Huawei is still doing good. No doubt, it wants to be No. 1.

Huawei wants to beat Samsung to the punch and it’s a big possibility because Chinese OEMs, not only Huawei, continue to help improve global sales.

Huawei isn’t really defending itself but its CEO and founder said it would never allow the Chinese government to have access to their customer data. The company is now being pressured by different groups in different parts of the world.

The US government has always been active in warning against Huawei even though there is no evidence. CEO Ren Zhengfei reiterated their brand has never given any data to Beijing.

Huawei is being blocked by the US and now Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. Huawei is being excluded from supplying and selling equipment to these countries.

In an interview in Shenzhen, China, Ren said, “When it comes to cybersecurity and privacy protection we are committed to be sided with our customers. We will never harm any nation or any individual.” He added, “China’s ministry of foreign affairs has officially clarified that no law in China requires any company to install mandatory back doors. Huawei and me personally have never received any request from any government to provide improper information.”

That is Huawei becoming firm against the allegations of the US government. Ren’s commitment to the brand and the people are not affected by the fact he was a former soldier of the People’s Liberation Army. He is also a current Communist Party member so it’s understandable that his loyalty is being questioned.