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Much has been said about Huawei the past few days, no thanks to Google’s decision to cut ties with the top Chinese OEM. More firms are following suit as a response to what the tech giant did and, of course, what the US government is urging the companies to do. A widespread ban against Huawei is being imposed and as early as now, we can feel it’s not going to do anything good for either party: the US and Huawei. You can say this battle is between America and China but we won’t dwell much into politics.

Huawei, as the No. 2 mobile brand in the world today, is saying that the US is clearly bullying the company. This situation has caused many people and firms stress as they think about the future of their Huawei phones and services and products that depend on US supplies or Huawei.

Earlier, we mentioned Huawei could stand on its own but there is a lot of work to do. The US government’s restrictions made Google decide to discontinue partnership with Huawei. This means the Chinese company will have no more access to hardware, software, and technology services provided by Google. Interestingly, the US is temporarily easing limits so Huawei’s activities in the country will not be totally disrupted.

We know Huawei’s future may be affected in different ways. It’s doing some preparations already like stockpile components for the next three months.

In a special report, Huawei executive Abraham Liu shared the following:

“They (Google) have zero motivation to block us. We are working closely with Google to find out how Huawei can handle the situation and the impact from the U.S. Department of Commerce decision. Huawei is becoming the victim of bullying by the U.S. administration. This is not just an attack against Huawei. It is an attack on the liberal, rules-based order.”

Huawei as a victim of bullying may be difficult to picture but that is what the Chinese tech giant is saying. Recently, Huawei’s sub-brand Honor launched the new Honor 20 Pro. Honor still has a place but things may be different from now on.

At the Honor launch, Huawei reps have expressed their concerns over the changes being implemented. Things are uncertain but we’re feeling Huawei can still rise above all. What do you think?


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