Huawei Mate X 5G

Huawei is all about business. To be honest, it doesn’t need to work harder because it’s already No. 2 in the industry. It has dreams to be on top of the game but we’re guessing it doesn’t need to lift a finger. The top Chinese OEM has overtaken Apple even if it doesn’t cover the American market. Samsung is still the top ranking brand but it has to watch out for Huawei that’s been unveiling new mobile devices and technologies left and right.

The company has a number of upcoming smartphones including the Huawei P Smart Z with pop-up selfie camera and the Huawei Mate X 5G. There’s also the Honor 20 as EMUI 9.1 and Magic UI 2.1 are made available.

Next major product that will be revealed is an 8K TV with 5G connectivity. So it’s a new smart TV that we’re expecting will offer speedy performance and faster streaming sans the cable. 5G has a lot potential and we’re actually excited to know what can be done. It’s like stretching the limits of mobile Internet connectivity. Perhaps there won’t be a need for cables at all in the future.

After the Huawei P30 Pro, we’re assuming the Huawei Mate X 5G will also rule. The company has an advantage not only because it’s a foldable phone but also because of 5G. Other Huawei products include smartwatches, fitness bands, smart mesh router, and smart TVs.

The Huawei smart TV may be the first 5G TV in the world with 8K display. That is very high-res because 4k is already enough. Connecting to 5G may be more exciting for several reasons.

Huawei’s biggest rival right now is Samsung. The brand hasn’t really thrived in the TV business. It’s Samsung’s turf but 8K is a dream at this point. We know the technology will be ready soon but the bigger challenge will be adding 5G.

A Huawei 5G 8K TV sounds like a lot but we’re talking about the future here. The Huawei 8K TV’s 5G feature could even share the connectivity, working as a router. Should Samsung worry once more? It sure needs to watch out.