A new HTC U11 variant is about to be unveiled. We’re certain of the November 2 launch and we’re sure it will be for the HTC U11 Life. It may also arrive with the U11 Plus and so we’re ready with whatever will be introduced to the mobile industry. We’ve seen numerous leaks already for the mid-range variant especially since popping up on Geekbench. The Android One powered smartphone has been confirmed to feature a 5.2-inch Full HD screen, 16MP selfie camera, Edge Sense, and an expandable storage according to the leaked video. The €300 pricing in Europe is most likely to be true.

The same video also shows the HTC U11 Plus with a 6-inch display, translucent rear panel, wireless charging, rear fingerprint sensor, almost bezel-less display, squeezable sides with Edge Sense, 128GB onboard storage, and a 4000mAh battery. It will be more expensive at €730 ($850).

The leaked video is in German but we’ve got some of the main points. We’ll further discover more about the two new variants-HTC U11 Life and HTC U11 Plus–once they are officially announced.

If you know German, feel free to watch the video. If you dont, just mute the video and see for yourself what the HTC U11 Life and HTC U11 Plus can offer.

VIA: Blick Digital, Event View