It looks as if Best Buy has no plans to stop printing ads featuring the HTC Thunderbolt at $299. It has been in ads more than a few times already. Not to mention the price has been leaked at Best Buy more than once. Yet again we have another sighting of the Thunderbolt.

This all comes from Best Buy, but we also have pictures from in-store stands showing the Thunderbolt for $249 on contract also. Until it officially comes out. I guess we wont know what the price really will be set at. If you haven’t seen enough of the ThunderBolt yet, check out this T-Bolt Rooftop Commercial, and again here is our T-Bolt Hands-On. We will be sure to update if we find out any other solid details on pricing.

Note: It’s listed as $299 in the ads, yet $249 in store. I don’t think Best Buy stores know any more than we do.

[via SlickDeals]