Bad news for Android fans hoping to pick up the HTC Thunderbolt at Best Buy. Last week, we reported Best Buy ad was listing the Thunderbolt at $249, but it seems that’s no longer the case. The latest ad, listed in Best Buy’s online buyer’s guide, now shows a $50 price increase to $299 on a two year contract with Verizon. With an unsubsidized price of $749 as well, are smartphones reaching a point where they’re just too expensive?

The Thunderbolt has been troubled with price issues, slipped release dates, failed Skype video chat support and even public wifi issues. But it’s not exactly motivating that this new 4G phone would be even more expensive than it was originally listed. Especially when Verizon gave it away just a week ago on for Valentine’s Day. So, will Android fans pony up the additional $50? Or will they move on to the Atrix, or even wait and see if there’s a 4G iPhone now that Apple’s come to Verizon?

[via Droid Life]