This weekend a video was posted on YouTube that was an unboxing of the upcoming HTC ThunderBolt. The phone was unboxed and given a quick walk-thorugh but it’s obviously pre-release packaging.

If you are obsessing over the device, the video is definitely worth a view. The unboxer seems to know a whole lot about the device which would explain why he has his hands on a pre-release version of the device.


It’s worth noting that the device in the video does not have the final version of HTC Sense that it will be shipping with, but you can see that it’s definitely fast and everything is smooth.

Who is excited for the ThunderBolt?

[Via DroidLife]


  1. Wow..He is fired up!..and he has me Fired up!.. Funny thing is that I have been seeing articles about Lack of Skype on this phone, but it looks like it’s built into HTCSence..

  2. I have been a droid junkie for a couple of years. Started with the Motorola Droid, HTC Eris, HTC Droid Incredible, and Motorola Droid X. I am so exited about this unit. I actually had phone envy toward my sister in-law when I saw here Evo 4. Now The Thunderbolt I wish I could buy it right now. I do have to admit they are making it very hard to decide which phone to buy or wait for. Dual core no dual core the LG Optimus 2 looks amazing also but I am a Verizon guy and love what 4G LTE has to offer. The LG Revolution seems to be a wonderful device also, then the Droid Bionic Ayi yi yi. I am leaning toward the Thunderbolt I have a upgrade waiting now and one in July so I think I must have The Thunderbolt. I just wish there was not so many phones coming out. That is the good thing about the IPhone they only come out with one once a year. I go into cell phone overdrive with all these choices. I do have to say that over the years I have had somewhere around 11 HTC phones and loved them all thank God for android because windows mobile was holding them back. To be honest I have never tried the new windows mobile but with my past disappointment I doubt that I will. Go THUNDERBOLT!!!!!!

  3. I’m wondering why battery life was never discussed when all the reviewers did their un-boxing and reviewing. Do you have a time limit with a device to post a video before having to ship it back to the company? Is there any reviewers out there to test and report on devices that can give relevent and objective data on what they review?


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