One tease after another the HTC Thunderbolt just can’t stay out of the news. It’s been delayed time and time again, or has it. Technically it has not because it wasn’t actually ever given a set date. The February date many threw around was because that was posted on a 30ft screen at CES2011. Today we have an entire next level of Seriously Verizon, with ads coming in the mail to customers saying “Now Available”.

This is just another disaster for Verizon Wireless as they’ve been fighting off stories of reasons for delays such as Delayed because of iPad 2, and poor battery life reasons, and more. No one really knows what is going on, except maybe for Verizon and HTC. Tuesday Verizon came out with a little bit of a testy attitude regarding all the rumors, posting a little comment on Twitter trying to calm the thunderstorm of rumors.

Personally all that tweet does it make the launch seem even farther off, but I could be wrong. Almost as if the writer doesn’t have any idea when they are coming but is saying “when we do, they will rock”. Either way this entire flyer going out in the mail is not good for Verizon, or the Thunderbolt. We shall wait it out and see.

[via DroidLife]