It seems that the launch date for the HTC Thunderbolt at Verizon is once again slipping. But this time it isn’t due to bad battery life or any other technical issue. We’ve been able to confirm what we reported yesterday that the delay is actually the fault of Apple and it’s March 11th launch date for the iPad2. Apparently, it’s problematic to launch two major platforms at the same time due to staff training. And since Apple’s date isn’t likely to slip, the Thunderbolt will have to wait.

This isn’t the first time Thunderbolt fans have had to wait for their 4G Android phone. We reported here that the Thunderbolt’s delay has been caused by problems extending the phone’s dismal battery life. But our report last night also focused on issues that Verizon has had switching from 3G to 4G as they roll out to over 200 cities this year. The date has slipped several times and now it looks to launch next week after the Apple faithful line up for the Jesus Tab.

It’s probably best. Mixing Apple fans and Android fans and tossing in long lines could be a recipe for disaster. And that’s not even including activation issues, returns, and the like. And having two events with long lines would always be preferable to one.

[via Droid Life]