I used to be very hopeful and optimistic about HTC but looks like the Taiwanese company is really in trouble. We’ve heard of several attempts to improve sales including adding advertisements to Blinkfeed news reader and some game plan for monetization. All these, as a response to revenue going down and poor performance that made some shareholders disappointed the past few months.

HTC isn’t giving up and the company is still determined to thrive although it already said it won’t merge with Asustek as we previously speculated. Just recently, we learned the smartphone maker decided to finally discontinue some phone models, as well as, cut jobs to keep the company afloat. From now on, HTC will be focusing on high-end models to directly compete with Samsung and Apple in the premium flagship category. Cutting jobs and its refocusing on one category are expected to provide significant results but this might extend until next year according to Chief Financial Officer Chialin Chang.

Any news of losing market share, low sales, and negative feedback from consumers always have an effect to a company. So far, shares have gone down by 51 percent during the first half of 2015. The release of HTC One M9 didn’t do any good even in India where the company has got a hold of 20 percent of the market.

Sadly, even analysts believe that “HTC will keep losing share in the smartphone market and will keep losing money”. These words are according to SinoPac Securities analyst Calvin Huang. It seems that it’s not only the ordinary consumers who are pessimistic about HTC but also the analysts based in the country. Should HTC start worrying now?

VIA: Reuters



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