HTC monetization plan

Ever since that news of HTC’s revenue going down last April, we’re curious as to how the Taiwanese company will be able to cope up with the loss. The brand is still hopeful because there are other models to sell but HTC should learn from the way they launched and the timing of the One M9. Not that the new flagship phone is not worthy of our attention, it’s just that there are thermal issues, no thanks to the Qualcomm S810 processor.

We’re still not certain about the real reason but demand for the HTC One M9 was low according to some analysts.  There’s still the E9 Plus and the M9 Plus revealed only last month and these two could help improve the sales this month and the rest of the quarter. But while we’re waiting for HTC to announce something major and let us know of the company’s plan to improve sales, popular leaker Upleaks posted on Twitter what is believed to be a strategy to improve sales–the HTC Monetization Plan.

The leaked plan shows two major goals. Goal No. 1 is to ‘generate revenues with sponsored apps’ while No. 2 is ‘HTC auto promotions to drive sales’. These goals seem to center on mobile apps. Could this be the reason why HTC Corporation and HTC Research are aggressive in developing apps exclusive to HTC? Your guess is as good as mine.

We all know @UpLeaks or whoever he is, has the habit to share leaked photos with no caption. No further details are given. No hint either where this image came from. Just look at the image and make whatever you want of it. An HTC Monetization Plan appears to be legit and somehow essential because the brand currently needs all the help in the mobile world.

VIA: @upleaks


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