HTC is serious with making more money after revenue fell down by 40% a couple of months ago. The company has a number of monetization plans including building apps where ads can be injected. Another effort is adding advertisements into the BlinkFeed Android news reader which can be annoying for some users.

This is one part of HTC’s pilot program to adding more revenue and getting more money from current users. The news reader was first launched on the HTC One M7 a couple of years ago. It’s HTC’s very own reader where users can read social media updates, news headlines, and more. It actually occupies a homescreen pane–a significant area of the phone so HTC knows that placing ads can be very effective.

Promotional content in BlinkFeed may be helpful for the advertisers and probably for some users who are searching for particular items or services. If you use BlinkFeed, you’ll soon see more sponsored aps from big brands like Yahoo and Twitter. HTC will also be promoting some of its devices and accessories. As for the app suggestions, HTC partnered with AdNetworks to bring app-related ads.

An ad will show up as any regular BlinkFeed post but there’s an added link to download or a ‘Buy Now’ button. Below is an example of HTC advertising the RE camera:


Thank you for the ad suggestions HTC but I have a feeling a lot of users will be furious about this. Good thing though that the company will be implementing a way for you to opt out of the promos. HTC said, “We will be implementing a way for you to opt out of receiving these promotions, but we hope that displaying native and limited promotions in this way will help you discover new and useful apps and/or products and services.”

The pilot program will be available to some HTC device owners in the UK, United States, Taiwan, China, and Germany. So far, response has been negative for many reasons but  this BlinkFeed commercialization certainly has potential.

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  1. I have no problem with what they are doing. I will support HTC to the end, or hopefully to there rise to the top. How this company isn’t the king of Android is sad. This company is the leader amongst any manufacturer when it comes to design and build quality, sound and performance. No matter how much HTC innovates, tech sites and fanboys leap at the opportunity to find negativity and exploit it in every way possible. You have that one company who’s been producing cheap over priced crappie for years. And they received less criticism in all those years combinded than the M9 did in just a few short months. Samsung finally brings a quality device to market, and it’s the greatest thing on earth. Even though the entire phone was influenced in one way or another by another manufacturer’s device, with the exception of the S6’s processor. Sadly HTC is going about this all wrong. HTC is looking to innovate, they are leaders. Well majority of this world are followers. And they will always look to follow the people who follows the followers of the company who follows the company who leads. And nobody follows better than Samsung. Which explains why Samsung is the #1 selling Android phone. So HTC, even though it will break my heart. You need to learn to follow and start copying everyone else if you want to fit in this world. People are genuine haters in this world, and being a leader makes them hate you. Start following and copying other manufacturers, and you’ll start seeing profit.

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