Well would you look at that, a clue for us to be following. A job listing has popped up in the Houston, Texas area for a “Tech Savy BA” that would be working an event for T-Mobile on June 8th that’ll “showcase 3 new HTC phones.” You know what that means, I know what that means, but just for the sake of literally writing it out, let’s discuss what it COULD mean. There’s a whole list of possibilities, and certainly we wouldn’t want to overshadow the new KING of HTC devices, so what shall we guess?

First of all, one of the devices that will almost certainly be at this event: the T-Mobile HTC Sensation 4G. Have a look at some packaging first then head back to SlashGear’s review of the English version so you know what all the fuss is about. Next is the HTC ChaCha – could T-Mobile be getting this device before AT&T? Of course we could move on to the leaked T-Mobile roadmap from the 18th of May that says indeed that June 8th is the release date of the Sensation 4G.

That same report contained a few more notes including the following:
-June 8th, The Sensation 4G, and the recently talked about Samsung Exhibit 4G will be released.
-June 15th, T-Mobile may be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Mini, we haven’t heard much about this device.
-July 6th, HTC is said to be releasing their full qwerty slider called the MyTouch 4G Slide. (aka Doubleshot)
-July 15th, HTC will then drop the HTC Wildfire S, known as the Marvel for the mid-range group.

So that’s another very possible addition there in the HTC Doubleshot aka MyTouch 4G Slide. And of course the Marvel aka HTC Wildfire S is about to drop as well. Sound reasonably within range of one another? We think so!

Oh and that job listing? Here it is:

GC Marketing Services has the following job listing in your area. Please read the job posting carefully and apply only if you are able to complete the engagement and if you fit the criteria specified by our client.

Event / Name of Promotion:
T-Mobile Showtime Events Featuring HTC
Dates / Times:
Wed 06/08/11 1:00pm-8:00pm
(You must be able to work all dates and times)

Houston, TX
$XX.00 per hour
Engagement Description:
Looking for Tech Savy BA’s!!
T-Mobile, together with HTC (their phone manufacture) is sponsoring an upcoming Showtime Event. The objectives of the training event are to: Launch event to showcase 3 new HTC phones, Hands-on demonstration of HTC devices, Increase awareness and mindshare of HTC products & Generate excitement around the new HTC portfolio.

Booked reps will be onsite assisting with the following:

-Must be able to write legibly.
-Will be assisting with light event setup/breakdown.
-Are to greet and direct attendees to registration tables and refreshments and/or hand out any welcome materials.
-Assist with needed event wrap up such as: clean up/pack up registration materials.
-Will Pass out/pick up materials as needed from attendees and/or stage presenters.
-Assist trainer during lecture as needed for demonstrations, prize drawings, etc.
-Be present in lecture room throughout event – sitting on sidelines & visible to majority of attendees; upbeat and energetic – cheerleader for team.
-Maintain schedule for assigned group – ensuring they stay on task
-Possibly participate in on stage activities with participants in front of crowd during Game Show.
-Be present at exit areas as training ends to thank attendees for coming & wish them well/safe travels, etc.

** Please note you will be on your FEET for the entire length of event **

[via TMo News]

Update: apparently T-Mobile wants to let us know what’s going on even EARLIER than we first expected (perhaps as a result of this job listing getting out – you never know!)


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