Earlier last week we had the pleasure to tell you about this device when it first got leaked. That came in the form of a few flyers and spec sheets, and now today we have an official photo or “press shot” of this powerful little mid-range device coming to T-Mobile soon.

There was a little confusion on the first leak regarding pricing of this mid-range hardware phone as it was listed at $325 but we now believe that is dealer cost, and the phone will most likely be offered at a much lower price for those signing a new 2 year contract. I’m thinking $99 or maybe $149, especially since most the top tier phones usually drop for $199 when you sign a new contract.

I may have mentioned mid-range, but the Exhibit 4G is no slouch either. Packing in a 1 Ghz processor, front and rear facing cameras, as well as full 4G HSPA+ speeds for all your needs. The specs are just lower than beasts like the G2x or the upcoming Sensation 4G. For those looking for a G1 or MT3G upgrade, or their first Android on T-Mobile this phone would make a great choice.

[via Samsung Hub]