The gigantic HTC Inspire is here, and its blazing fast. You can check out our HTC Inspre Hands-On Review for anything you’d like to know about this beast of a phone. It is a beautiful device. Today HTC has released a new commercial for the Inspire called the HTC Inspire Cop. A fast phone for fast people is their motto.

The HTC Inspire is AT&T’s first 4G phone, its got all the specs you’d want and come to expect from an Android device. It’s blazing fast says AT&T despite many reports of AT&T capping Android speeds. The commercial shows a cop flying through the middle of a busy city, using Google Maps to track a suspect, and in the end using his blazing 4G speeds, and blazing fast feet to catch a criminal.

HTC is pretty famous for these short but sweet commercials, if you’d like to watch a few more we’ve got you covered. Check out the HTC Desire HD in two commercials , or another minute long showing of the Inspire right here. Also while you are here feel free to read and learn how to overclock the HTC Inspire.

[via YouTube]