Another day, another Android handset gets the overclocking treatment. This time, it’s the HTC Inspire 4G, and thanks to the gang at XDA Developers, users can push their processing power to a blazing 1.8 Ghz. Using SetCPU and compiling a kernel for CyanogenMod 7, XDA Forum member DOAlaboratories builds on the shoulders of another XDA Dev, Kalin, to get this started.

Not much details. DOAlaboratories states that he’s used Nandroid!, flashed the ROM manager and then washed it through SetCPU to boost it to 1.8. Then, Profit. He’s managed to add WiFi, and some suggest ramping down to 1.7 to keep it more stable, but DOAlaboratories says his re-edited OC code is making it stable for daily use. If users want to give it a whirl, keep in mind that overclocking your rig could cause damage and brick your phone, voiding the warranty. But if you feel up to the challenge, head on over to this XDA Forum post for details on how to get going.