For those of you rolling hard with the HTC Inspire 4G, you know the glory of the undeniably gigantic screen and smoothness of the case in your hands. Were you aware that there’s another phone out there that’s essentially exactly the same as yours, with a different name? The HTC Desire HD runs on a different network (Telus,) and has different radio software than the Inspire 4G, but for the most part, save for a few odd issues that have arisen because of the UK/USA bits of insides. What we’ve got here is a couple of commercials that were released today, both of them for the Desire HD, but work just as well for those looking for some more pazazz in their Inspire 4G video spots.

These ads tout as amazing a picture on your phone as you have “at home” as well as a “helloooo” experience with again, the gigantic screen. If you’d like to get more information on this phone from our USA perspective, simply hit the big HTC Inspire 4G portal and blast off! You’ll find detailed photos, video, hands-on treatment, and a full review along with a plethora of odd news bits. Enjoy!

Have yourself a wonderful time in this mini-gallery too if you’re just in to hanging out in this post instead of exploring the post suite: