If you have a new Atrix 4G smartphone on the AT&T network or if you are thinking of buying one you new to know an important detail. Evidence has surfaced that AT&T is capping the upload speed of 4G Android handsets like the Atrix. The caps significantly decrease the upload speeds the handsets are capable of.

The real kick in the pants for 4G Atrix users is that on the AT&T network the iPhone 4 with the 3G radio out performs the 4G Android handsets. Is this a way for AT&T to still funnel buyers to the iPhone while offering Android handsets or what?

Phandorid reports that testers have found that the iPhone 4 averages 1.5Mbps upload speeds and the 4G network that is supposed to be faster see uploads of around 300kbps on the Atrix thanks to the cap. The radio inside the device is capable of up to 5.7Mbps uploads. So what gives AT&T?

[via Phandroid]