After some already dramatic reductions last week, it looks like the HTC Flyer is getting the fire sale treatment from the US’ largest electronics retailer. The 7-inch Gingerbread tablet was marked down to just $99.99 sometime this morning, and has already sold out online. The discounted price may or may not be available at your local retail store and store pickup is not being offered, so if you want to take a chance on a great bargain, make tracks now. UPDATE: False alarm, folks. It looks like Best Buy had another ill-timed pricing error.

The HTC Flyer was discounted just last weekend from $500 to $300 in stores across the country. Speculation is that the move was the rock-bottom pricing of Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, not to mention lowered consumer expectations after HP sold hundreds of thousands of its TouchPad tablets at just $99-$149. Stock of the Flyer was already dwindling, but after the latest price drop, they’re downright anemic for Best Buy at least. There is no indication that other online or brick-and-mortar retailers are following suit.

The Flyer is a typlical pre-Honeycomb tablet in the vein of the original Samsung Galaxy Tab. Its 7-inch screen is pushing out a respectable but not amazing 1024 x 600 pixels, and it includes a 1.5GHz single-core processor and 16GB of storage. The camera is 5 megapixels, and while Sense-laden Gingerbread is as good as the software gets at the moment, a Honeycomb upgrade is coming soon. Unfortunately, it looks like the $79 capacitive stylus (which is now almost as expensive as the tablet itself!) is not being discounted.

This solid little wifi tablet was pricey at $500 and considerable at $300, but it’s a downright steal at $100. If you missed out on your chance to pick up a cheap HP TouchPad, an HTC Flyer would make a great consolation prize.

UPDATE: Droid Life is reporting that the $99 price for the HTC Flyer is an SKU error, and Best Buy stores will not be honoring the online price. It’s not known whether the sales already made on the website will be honored.