We still haven’t heard much from HTC regarding tablets. Yes they released the HTC Flyer 7″ tablet a while back and it was a pretty nice device but sadly it wasn’t running Honeycomb. Now that Google released Android 3.2 the 7″ form factor is officially supported by Honeycomb. Could HTC be planning a 7″ Honeycomb tablet with 3D cameras to go along with it?

The above piece of hardware should look familiar to anyone that has seen or used the HTC Flyer or View 4G. See our review of the Flyer to see what we mean. It features the same soft touch plastic part on top just as pictured above and the rest of the body is aluminum. This photo could be an early look at what we might be calling the HTC Flyer 3D. The second photo you see below is the current HTC Flyer.

They look pretty similar don’t they? With the addition of a second camera and a few design changes it appears that this will in fact be a 3D Tablet. The speaker holes have changed as they were on the body of the Flyer, and they’ve moved the headphone jack to the other side if the photo is to be believed. At least this is a good quality photo and not a Mr. Blurrycam like we are all used to.

HTC might finally be ready to make a push in the tablet market. They have the HTC Puccini that just cleared the FCC and will be the first 4G LTE tablet offered on AT&T and they’ll probably release it to other carriers as well as a W-Fi only version. They are making a huge push already with 3D in the HTC EVO 3D so the hardware, software and current design is already at least somewhat in place. All they need is to add that to a tablet and call it a day.

For now this is just an early leak but we have been digging for more details and will report back as soon as we see or hear anything more. Some of you might be thinking wouldn’t the cameras be in landscape, but it depends on how you hold the tablet so for now we will just have to wait for more details.

[via 175wan]



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