This evening HTC just came out with some breaking and exciting news we have all been patiently waiting for (well most of us patiently), and that news is some official remarks regarding the timeline for unlocking the bootloader on HTC phones. I can’t wait for some CM7 on my Sensation because that is what’s coming next for mine. HTC plans to unlock their newest phones first, read on past the break for the full details.

Right on the HTC Facebook page they state they will start rolling out updates to unlock bootloaders this August, with the global HTC Sensation first, quickly followed by the T-Mobile Sensation 4G and the EVO 3D. This is great news for many HTC fans and owners around the world.

HTC has been working hard to get these updates out and have continued to update us throughout the process and for that we thank them. They also mention if things go well we can expect to see more and more devices unlocked via updates throughout August and September.

Here are a few more comments right from the Facebook page:

HTC continues its commitment to unlocking bootloaders and supporting the developer community. Because of the importance of this community to us, please expect an update on this about every few weeks as we make progress toward launch. Thank you for your patience and continued support!

More great news from HTC, they plan to update us every few weeks over the next month or so as things get closer for us to remove the handcuffs from our phones. I’m going to officially go on record here and say that I personally believe the update for popular phones like the Sensation and EVO 3D will get leaked to the public and development community, and we will start seeing unlocks before HTC rolls it out for those that don’t want to wait, and you can bet that I’ll be one of them. This news was just broke this wonderful Sunday evening and we will be hearing plenty of news over the coming days and weeks so stay tuned right to Android Community. Head over to the source via the link below for the official comments.

Motorola, it’s your move!

[via HTC Facebook]



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