You may not know who TeamWin is but they are the guys that brought things like WIMAX and HDMI Mirror to CM7 for the EVO. They are hard at work but they have families and jobs just like the rest of us and this will take time. According to a few tweets along with an already huge thread over at XDA they have found an exploit in the kernel used on the HTC EVO 3D and are looking good for root access in the coming days.

you can follow @agrabren on Twitter or just keep your eyes on the xda thread. From what I am reading they are working blind and mainly punching holes throughout the kernel and hoping for the best but the exploit is a good one and it will just take some time. He is also pretty confident that the same exploit will also be available on the HTC Sensation 4G with some tweaking.

This is good news while we wait for HTC to update and unlock bootloaders like they promised. While sifting through the XDA thread I can also confirm that the recent OTA update going out for the EVO 3D does NOT ruin your chances from root because HTC does not know about the exploit at the moment. If you are worried just don’t accept OTA’s for now but a few have already confirmed the latest is ok to accept. Stay tuned as this all unfolds over the next few days.

[via XDA Forums]