Slowly but surely they are getting there folks. The developers behind Alpharevx and Unrevoked have been working together (and will be merging soon) finally achieved S-OFF on the HTC Sensation 4G. We might not have to wait for HTC after all. They have been working hard at an exploit they found similar to the earlier method for root and now they’ve been able to unlock the phone — This is great news.

When we say S-OFF we mean the bootloader is encryption free and unlocked so we can do as we please with the device. Feel free to read our Bootloader 101. Now all I need is some CyanogenMod 7 for my Sensation and I will be a happy camper (until the next Nexus arrives). They have even released a video showing this amazing work in progress and I’ll post that below, but that is exactly what this is — a work in progress and no guides or releases have came yet.

Don’t worry because soon enough they will probably release the details and it will quickly be following with some sort of 1-click or easy method for everyone else to use. The EVO 3D was able to use the same exploit so more details will be coming forward for that device so don’t panic. Just give them time to figure everything out and we will be on our way to handcuff free phones soon enough.

[via XDA forums]