It’s the CES 2017 this week and everyone so concerned with the tech, mobile, and consumer electronic industries are busy. Big companies and OEMs are launching and announcing their latest products and services left and right in Las Vegas and on the web. Geeks and tech enthusiasts like us are interested to know what new stuff are available. Covering the news and actually getting our hands on them are a totally different story but we’re glad to do them.

It’s exciting to know what new stuff will help set the direction of our tech lives and see what changes and improvements to expect. Well, more similar events and launches will still happen but we’re here. One of the many companies on the floor right now is Huawei which also recently made the Honor 6X available in the US and Europe. It’s set to introduce more products but we happened to check out the Honor Magic which was announced last December in China.

We noted already that it comes with artificial intelligence, thanks to the early leaks and teasers. We knew it’s coming to the West and looks like it’s happening soon especially since Huawei vowed to work harder this 2017 and beyond and promised to improve sales.

The Honor Magic is rather an interesting phone not only because of its hardware design but also because of the software. The Magic has a smooth and curvaceous body that will certainly catch the eye. A metal band runs the periphery of the phone through the front and back glass arch. It’s not exactly a curved edge but there’s somehow an attempt to do it. Perhaps Huawei decided to do it as a test.

Another impressive thing is that the phone doesn’t have a camera bulge that we find annoying in some devices. This one doesn’t have that despite it having twin lenses. The smartphone is very sleek and slender at only 2.75-inches wide. It fits just right in one hand. There’s a bit of bulk on the base area where the SIM card tray, speaker grille, USB Type-C port, and a 3.5mm headphone jack are. Yes, there’s still a headphone hack.

Software-wise, the Honor Magic features artificial intelligence. It’s pre-installed out of the box so you don’t have to wait for an update. The AI makes it possible for your phone to automatically show you information or content related to a location or time based on what the Honor Magic knows or remembers. The device knows where you are so it may show whatever related data you have that may be useful. Sadly, most of the customizations are limited to China but we don’t doubt some group will make big changes or customizations someday.

Check out more of our hands-on photos below: