The Project Aura is still on. Google is bent on coming up with a new pair of Google Glasses that is expected to finally make it big in the mainstream market. If not, just the workforce. The past few months, we’ve been hearing rumors of a possible half-glass, screen-free device, and that it’s already being used in some industries. Google is mum about the topic but we’re really interested to know what how the former laid off Amazon engineers contributed to this big project.

Before this year ends, we’re finally seeing the new and improved edition of the Glass. We believe that an enterprise version makes more sense because it will be more useful in many different industries. This Google Glass Enterprise Edition comes with a new design and better specs that are ideal for work.

The pair pictured above still looks a bit like the previous Explorer design but this one can be folded. All specs are improved: better battery, Intel Atom processor, enhanced connectivity, and new 5GHz WiFi band for video streaming. There’s also a mention of a magnetic external battery.

The new chip inside resulted to a significant improvement in heat management. The hinge makes the Glass foldable, closed-off, and waterproof so it can be ready for any elements. This means that pair is not as delicate as before and is able to withstand rough use at work. We’re guessing a one kick-ass Google Glass pair this time–something you can even bring for outdoor adventures perhaps.

These images were sighted on FCC but Google has yet to make a formal announcement.

VIA: 9TO5Google



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