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Android Oreo Go Edition is definitely a go. The lighter version of Android was officially introduced last year because Android One was a no go. There are still Android One phones being sold but the platform has not really caught on. Progress was slow since the announcement but before 2017 ended, we learned Qualcomm will offer support for Oreo Go Edition. MediaTek processors can also support Android Oreo Go edition. Google has teamed up with several Indian vendors to launch Android Oreo Go phones. Later this year, expect Android Oreo Go phones from Micromax, Intex, Karbonn, and Lava.

The Android Go phones are usually low-specced so the usual apps may not run properly. The idea is for a simpler version of Android that can run on budget or entry-level phones. Emerging markets and developing countries will mainly be the target since they are where those low-cost and low-powered devices are being sold.

To make Android Oreo Go a success, more “Go” apps will be introduced as well. These are lighter versions of the common apps that are ideal to run on Android Oreo Go devices. These Go apps are still being developed but we’ve tried some of them. Expect related apps to roll out soon as developers are encouraged to work on them.

The existing “Go” apps can be downloaded now from the Play Store and can be used even on your ordinary but high-specced Android phone. There’s Google Go which is another fast, easy, fun way to search. The yet-to-be-released YouTube Go is great to use whenever the connection is slow or data is limited.

Files Go by Google can help free up space on your phone while Google Maps Go will run smoothly on phones with limited memory and are connected to spotty networks. The Google Assistant Go is a lightweight version of the smart assistant that lets you use voice to finish some tasks.

Already under development is the Gboard Go. This Google Keyboard now supports Android Oreo (Go edition) but the final version isn’t ready yet. Other Google apps like Gmail and Chrome will also receive their less complex “Go” versions.

Google Go

Google Go lets you access most of your interests in one app, find and share images and GIFs, and search faster with smart suggestions. You can switch language anytime and continue to discover what is trending. This light app also allows you to quickly access the best and most relevant information on the web or search with your voice for mobile convenience. For personalization, set the background image that you want to see every time you need to search. | Download Google Go

YouTube Go

The YouTube Go app lets you download videos and control data especially in places where such is limited. This will come in hand in countries where the Internet is slow or expensive. Like the regular YouTube app, you can see the trending videos, preview thumbnails, and download content online for later viewing or sharing. | Download YouTube Go

Files Go by Google

We got to review the Files Go app a few months ago. We noted how it’s not too different but way better with the offline sharing feature. It helps the user free up more space on a mobile device and find files quickly. File cleaning suggestions are given so your phone will have enough space for future use. With offline sharing, you can freely transfer files fast and securely. | Download Files Go by Google

Google Maps Go

The lighter Google Maps Go allows users to check quick directions and map details, receive real-time traffic updates, check live transit information, explore with walking directions, and find the address and phone number of a place. | Download Google Maps Go

Google Assistant Go

The Google Assistant Go lets the consumer enjoy and access entertainment with voice control and navigation. Hands-free experience is possible when you want to receive answers to questions and queries. With this app, you can easily get things done anywhere you are. | Download Google Assistant Go


SOURCE: Android, Google Play Store


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