YouTube Go was launched last year, initially in India, as it was a lightweight version of the app intended for those who have limited space and memory in their devices as well as intermittent data speeds. Since then, it expanded to 14 other countries from emerging markets like Indonesia, Nigeria, and Thailand. Google says that they’ve seen startups and small businesses benefit from this as well. Now, the app is rolling out to 130 more countries and along with it comes several new features.

Aside from getting connected to YouTube regardless of your connectivity status, YouTube Go lets you have more control over your data usage if you are trying to save up on your monthly plan. The app also shows you trending videos in your area and community and in the language that you prefer as well. When you tap on a thumbnail, you’ll see a preview of the video so you can decide if you actually want to spend data to watch it. You can also download the videos offline and then share them to other users nearby without having to spend data.

From their previous experience launching YouTube Go in other countries, they have brought some improvements to the app. You now have a High Quality option aside from the basic and standard quality resolutions so you can download, stream, and share in whatever quality you want. You can also get fresh, new content when you pull the home screen and you get notifications when channels you follow upload new videos. The sharing UI has also been improved and you can now even share multiple videos at once.

While YouTube Go is expanding to 130 more countries, those that have developed networks like the US, UK, Japan, South Korea, etc, will still not be included. You can check its Google Play page to see if it’s available in your country.

SOURCE: Google


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